Your Child’s First Visit

Your child’s first visit to Kew Paediatric Group

Your child’s initial consultation with Kew Paediatric Group will take approximately 90 minutes. Please ensure that you bring any letters of referral and any recently taken radiographs (x-rays) to your child’s appointment; you can also email any electronic documents or radiographs to us prior to your child’s appointment. Parking is available at the rear of the practice. Alternative parking is available at the front of the building; please note there is a one hour limit when parking directly in front of the practice. Unlimited parking is available further up Harp Road.

Shortly after your arrival the treatment coordinator will discuss your child’s medical and dental history with you in detail. This allows the specialist paedodontist to make the best possible decisions and diagnosis pertaining to your child’s oral health needs.

Following your discussion with the treatment coordinator the specialist paedodontist or oral health therapist will undertake a comprehensive examination of your child’s teeth. The specialist paedodontist or oral health therapist may recommend radiographs are taken for diagnostic purposes. For further information on radiographs click here.

As it is your child’s first appointment at Kew Paediatric Group and they are adjusting to the child-friendly environment and dental team, it is in your child’s best interest that no treatment is undertaken at this time.

On completion of the comprehensive examination and diagnostic radiographs the specialist paedodontist will discuss your child’s dental needs and options with you and develop an appropriate treatment plan. Arrangements can then be made for any dental treatment required.

Please note that payment in full is required on the day of service provision, for further information please see our fees page.


How can I prepare my child for their initial consultation?

It is important that your child is aware that they are coming to Kew Paediatric Group for a dental appointment. If your child has questions it can be beneficial to explain the following:

  • You will get to sit in the special dental chair
  • The dental assistant will give you some sunglasses to wear as the specialist will shine a light on your teeth
  • You need to open your mouth wide so the specialist can see all of your teeth
  • The specialist will count your teeth and use a tooth mirror

Kew Paediatric Group has developed a resource called My Dental Story Book which we have found to be beneficial for children experiencing anxiety or who have developmental disabilities. If you feel that this resource would be beneficial to your child please contact us.