Oral Health Therapist

Tayla Leggett

Bachelor of Oral Health Science (LTU) 

Tayla is an Oral Health Therapist. She completed her Bachelor of Oral Health Science at La Trobe University. She is passionate about children’s dentistry and looking after kids’ teeth. Tayla joined Kew Paediatric Group in 2013 as a trainee dental assistant with an interest and desire to learn more about teeth. As Tayla progressed with her traineeship her passion for dentistry evolved and Tayla went on to pursue a career as an oral health therapist.

Whilst undertaking her degree Tayla journeyed to Nepal where she volunteered, providing oral health education and services to children from orphanages and primary schools, some of which had special needs. The voluntary mission involved educating and improving the oral health of children in developing communities within the region. Tayla describes this once in a lifetime opportunity as a defining experience within her career. She also attributes her extensive dental assisting knowledge and previous work with children to her success as an oral health therapist.

Throughout her studies Tayla has been an active member of the Bachelor of Oral Health and Dentistry Society (BOHDS) participating in events and meetings regularly. In her spare time she loves to spend time with her friends and family.

Tayla’s caring and bubbly nature makes children’s dental experiences enjoyable and positive. She attributes her extensive dental assisting knowledge and previous work with children to her success as an oral health therapist. Working in close collaboration with the specialist paedodontists at Kew Paediatric Group, Tayla provides excellent comprehensive dental care.