Caring for your Child’s Dental Health

Kew Paediatric Group

Caring For Your Child's Dental Health

Welcome to
Kew Paediatric Group

We are a paediatric dental clinic providing a range of dental services for children of all ages.

How we help your child

Sometimes children find going to the dentist can be a little scary or overwhelming.

Our experienced paediatric dentists, oral health therapists and dental assistants work closely with your child to ensure a positive dental experience.

Your child is welcome to attend the practice with or without a letter of referral.

COVID-19 Update

Following the government’s recent announcement, due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak, (lockdown #6 from 8 pm Thursday 5th August),
Kew Paediatric Group is only open for emergency dental services.

To book emergency appointments please contact us by emailing your inquiries and contact details to 

Thank you for your support & stay safe!
The team at Kew Paediatric Group

Other reasons to visit Kew Paediatric Group:

  • Your child could be more comfortable in a child-friendly environment
  • Your child requires extensive dental treatment
  • Your child becomes overwhelmed or upset while undergoing dental treatment
  • Your child has special needs
  • It is recommended your child undergoes dental treatment under ‘happy gas’ or general anaesthesia
  • Your child’s dental treatment is urgent
  • For a specialist opinion

We Fight Chalky Teeth

Kew Paediatric Group takes a strong interest in Developmental Dental Defects (DDDs, or D3s), popularly called “chalky teeth”.
We also participate in research about chalky molars and proudly support The D3 Group’s campaign to educate and support families affected by chalky teeth.
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